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I can’t wait for Saturday. Or next week. Or the end of August. Or the entire month of October for that matter!

Anticipation is something amazing…the range of emotions you can experience from one simple descriptor is infinite and infinitely awesome (in the original sense of the word). It often strikes me how crazy it can be that the amount of anticipation can actually affect one’s reaction to the event.

Take for instance Dark Shadows. A lot of people were extremely worked up over the movie, expecting Barnabas Collins to be the next big Johnny Depp character. Our buddy, we’ll call him Turtle, went to go see the movie with such anticipation and had a negative reaction to the movie. He passed this reaction along to my boyfriend who then did not hold as much anticipation for the movie and was able to enjoy it when we watched it at the drive-in. It seems to happen all the time.

Of course, right now I’m looking at several awesome things (in the less original sense of the word) and I’m hoping to not lose the favor in my anticipation. Saturday, I should be getting some belated birthday/holiday presents from the boyfriend. I know he spent time on ThinkGeek for these, so I’m thrilled and I can’t wait. I’m pretty positive the time being so short will help so that I don’t get overinflated. Regardless, it’s ThinkGeek. It should be amazing.

Next week? Well, I went a little crazy. In spite of my lack of time to sleep, I’ve decided to apply for a part time “fun” job at a local wine boutique. My callback might come next week. Fingers crossed. I know if I don’t get the job, I won’t be looking for another one, but I still would love to have a little bit more to do back in the industry.

End of August? VACATION! The boyfriend and I are going to be spending a week in Moab, Utah with some friends. I’m so excited to see Barsoom (yup, they filmed much ofJohn Carterout there) and I can’t wait to go hiking. I just wish the weather around here would let up a bit so that I can get my body in a little bit of better shape. Maybe it’s a good thing we’re still 2 months out on that one….

October? Well, a lot of that’s up in the air. But we’re looking at moving, perhaps miss Molly and I will go to a concert, another friend is getting married, and another is having her baby shower (the same one that brought Amoretta into my life).

In anticipation of everything, I really do need to start getting prepared. I’m already trying to save up some money for either the vacation or moving (I’m hoping to win a contest at work for the vacation to free up that savings). I’m also supposed to have my bridesmaids dress already (shhhh…don’t tell). I’m holding up on that because I really want to be in better shape before the vacation (and, as such, the wedding) so I’m being such a slacker (as per usual). I also need to get some boots for both me and the boyfriend and find something that would be good for luggage for a 19 seater plane.

I know, I’ve got a lot of work to do.



Well, I managed to survive the weekend. I’m still not 100% sure how, especially since the earliest I got to be was about 1:30am. I must be some sort of magic. Or something.

Blondie’s moved in, I got to see my Molly, and I got to hang out drinking and sharing my love of wine with those adventurous enough to take on the Delaware Wine Walk (okay, well, those who really felt like just showing up, but…hey…it sounded cooler to make it seem daring). I also got to ride my first roller coaster in years (it really just makes me sad that I’ve not been on one in so long…). But the main theme of the weekend? Thinking.

Yeah, it’s surprising considering all that was going on, but I guess I pulled out the multitasking. My biggest thought was pretty simple: I wish I didn’t have to work. I realize many people have that same thought, but I don’t just mean for the sleep in until noon and lounge around in my underwear aspect. I mean I really want to be able to just write for a living. I’m sick of the paycheck to paycheck grind. While my day job isn’t exactly difficult, nor is it a bad one (on the contrary, I actually work for an amazing company doing something I’m pretty darn good at), it’s just not what I want to do.

I spent three hours talking about wine basically nonstop on Saturday. It felt like five minutes, really. I could do that all day! The inspiration hit me again that I need to be writing more seriously about this stuff, that I need to restart The Lush…Certified, or something…just do something at the very least! Then reality kicked in. I’m already trying to balance my time with SciFi4Me (a job I love even more than my day job) and personal writing, as well as maintaining my apartment and bills along with attempting fiction writing (oh, and a nonfiction project that’s not really gone anywhere yet). With all of that and helping out with anything else (such as the Delaware Wine Walk), I just don’t have time to do it. Especially considering the amount of work that goes into a lot of those articles, I’d be stretching myself pretty thin. It’s harsh reality, but, with my current needs, I just don’t see myself pulling it off…at least in the sense of doing the topic any justice. Would anyone like to just pay me to write? 🙂

Thoughts? Suggestions? Should I restart The Lush…Certified, or at least something in that sense?

Definitely a slacker…

Okay, so I broke my promise to myself. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, and I entirely missed Top Ten Tuesday, but I blame the craziness of the week. I’ve been going basically nonstop since Sunday’s Echo Chamber and this weekend will be no different. As a matter of fact, I only just published The Geekly with a Twist at noon. I’m planning to go pick up Blondie this evening so she can fill out transfer papers for work and run to the store for some last-minute stuff for packing and the boyfriend and I also have two friends coming into town (our GM and his brother, so maybe fingers crossed for some gaming). Tomorrow is the company picnic for my boyfriend at Worlds of Fun (the local theme park), the Delaware Wine Walk (a local area wine event where I’ll be pouring and the amazing Molly Montgomery will be showing her art). Sunday features the boyfriend’s birthday and also move-in day for Blondie. All this, and it’s likely to rain. Normally I love the rain, but I’m not sure that’ll apply this weekend.

So, honestly, I turn to what’s going to keep me going. Part if it is going to be copious amounts of caffeine, some if it is going to be wine, another big part will be my little miss Amoretta (who is totally breaking out of her shell even more…but more on that later), but largely, I’m going to have to fall to music.

Yup. Music.

I don’t sing (definitely not in public aside from one karaoke incident in an attempt to conquer my fear), I haven’t played a musical instrument since the 8th grade (violas are still way better than violins, though), and I never took classes on music appreciation or anything in high school. Regardless, it’s been an important part of my life for years, and it is highly responsible for things from my mood to my energy level. So, here’s the music on my mind right now…

(Disclaimer: Pictures and videos are property of their respective artists)

The Guild’s “I’m the One That’s Cool”- It’s my ringtone lately and the first song I register when I wake up in the morning. While it’s provoked some undue controversy (it’s not about discrediting “casual” geeks, it’s about rebelling against the types that picked on those of us of the geeky persuasion), it’s an anthem for me lately.

Weird Al Yankovic’s “White & Nerdy”- MC Escher’s birthday is this week so my brain went to the lyrics of the hilarious parody.

Mark Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis”- There’s been remakes of this song, but, to me, the original reigns King. The song always takes me back to a few trips to the city when I was younger and I especially love a few of the lyrics (‘She said “Tell me are you a Christian child?”/And I said, “Ma’am, I am tonight”…’gives me the chills every time, honestly.)

Image Courtesy of Jason Persse

Florence + the Machine…well, anything. I’ve really fallen hard for the sound of the band, Florence Welch’s voice is ethereal and the music is interesting. It draws me in and helps me forget…but it’s also really relaxing most of the time.

The Doobie Brothers’ “Black Water”- I heard this song on the radio this morning and it really picked me up. It reminds me of days of riding in the car with my dad and just listening to good music in good times. It’s my dad’s fault I love bands like The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and more. He’s also the one that turned me onto Blues Traveller and is the reason for a lot of my music tastes (oddly enough).

Of Monsters and Men “Little Talks”- This one is really out of my normal range of tastes (which are vast anyways, but primarily focus on 70s rock, 90s alternative and pop, and modern rock and country), but I fell in love with the swingy feel of this song.

Disturbed’s “Prayer”- I consider myself highly fortunate to have seen Disturbed at Rockfest last year because it was one of their last shows before the “indefinite hiatus.” Disturbed is what brought me back to rock after my 14 year old brain’s obsession with alternative and pop (I was an ‘N SYNC girl, in case you were wondering). “Prayer” was playing on MTV with such a powerful video and fully attractive singer (I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been attracted to a bald man…and probably the first person with facial piercings I was attracted to…a far cry from JC).

So, that’s the music keeping me going right now. Anyone have anymore suggestions on what I should listen to this weekend? Maybe something upbeat?

Live on Camera!

For those of you who don’t follow SciFi4Me, first off, shame on you!, secondly, this week was our very first Echo Chamber! Woo!

My notes to myself: Don’t fidget so much.

I used to be pretty good at this stuff, if I really think about it. I was on my school’s news every single morning with the weather report and I was used to doing on-camera interviews. This time it was a pretty relaxed format, so it was not nearly as spastic as my first on-camera interview…

Well, my first on-camera interview in 8 years. It’s almost scary to think about! I know a lot of my confidence has been sapped because I’m nowhere near as skinny as I was in middle school and high school. It happens, and it’s not that I’m not trying to do something about it, it’s just that I’m not where I would like to be with my body. (I realize this sounds really bad, but a lot of it is less body image and more my view on my overall health. Body image is a slight byproduct of that, it’s more like that it’s the reminder that I’m not as healthy as I need to be…thus why it gets to me.)

Regardless, I’m having a LOT of fun with my involvement with SciFi4Me. I’m getting to do things I never imagined I would be doing at this point in my life. I never really considered journalism to be a viable path for myself and so these on-camera interviews are thrusting me back into a world that thrills me. I’m so excited to be a part of this and I look forward to relearning the skills I need to continue to be more fluid. To the mirror!


Sorry about my lack of a post yesterday, I was sick at home with a migraine. Yeah, those are not fun.

So! In news, the boyfriend and I are doing something I never thought I’d do again…getting a roommate. Our last experience was, shall we say, volatile at best, so this is mostly unexpected. But, then again, it’s pretty expected at the same time. I realize that sounds odd, but it’s the situation specifics here: it’s his cousin.

In honor of respecting privacy, we can just call her Blondie Dorkus Scaredy-Cat. Or Blondie. Yeah, that’s fitting. 🙂

Now, normally, I go by my code…I’ve just learned not to stray over the years. The code is simple:

  1. Don’t rent with anyone you’d like to stay friends with…
  2. Don’t let anyone get away with not paying their share…
  3. and don’t rent without a contract with your renter.

Well, I’m throwing #1 out the window because of this exception: Blondie is family. Not by blood, not really in any way. Her mother is married to the boyfriend’s uncle. Regardless…have you ever heard that quote about friends being the family you choose? Well, even if she wasn’t family, I’d choose her in a heartbeat. Besides, she’s 19 years old and trying to get out on her own feet. Her other option was to move in with a pair of friends also just getting started and that’s always a rough situation. I just really hope that, with the start we’re going to be giving her, she’ll be able to land on both feet nicely. At least, better than both the boyfriend and I’s first times moving out…

Mine was an utter wreck. Both times, really. The first time I was actually kicked out of my parents’ house when I was 17. (Side note: I didn’t smoke, do drugs, or get failing grades. I was in challenge classes in school, the difference was I was being a stupid teenager and my dad and I were like oil and water.) I moved to St. Joseph with some people that I trusted incorrectly and ended up being kicked out of there when the wife had a bipolar attack. I lost a lot of stuff in that move which I had acquired while living there, namely my 1st English edition of the fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm and 3rd edition Edgar Alan Poes (bequeathed to me by my ex’s grandmother). The loss of the books was a heartbreak.

The second time I moved out, I was 18. I left basically impossibly quickly with a tote to my name and nothing else. I had to quit my job and I ended up living with some friends and my ex working a dead end job. Minimum wage was only $6.50 at the time and I was working enough to be losing money because of taxes as well as babysitting for my friends’ three kids. Then, when I moved in with just my ex and another friend, I was walking everywhere. I walked to and from work and nearly starved because my ex could eat a truck and still be hungry.

I’ve felt the fear of being homeless, I’ve faced starvation, I’ve learned what it means to literally have nothing, I’ve lost friends and money and stability, I’ve walked through hell and come out the other side. It leaves you wanting to give the best start for those you care about. Because of this, I realize just how adult I have become. Of course, that doesn’t make me any less of a big kid…thank goodness.

When the cat’s away…

Yeah, this mouse doesn’t have time to play. One of my coworkers at the day job commented to me today that I’ve been “awfully quiet” over the past two days. Well, honestly, it’s because my editor over at SciFi4Me has been busy at his day job. So, since I have access to a computer for work, guess who a lot of the work falls to?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not remotely complaining. I consider it an honor to be among awesome people such as the current “Gang of Meddling Kids” (including the likes of Debbie of Seshat Travels, Kansas City Horror Club President Curtis Smith, and artist Molly Montgomery) and be able to be trusted to have my judgement trusted on publishing. I’ve just had a lot of stuff to get done on little sleep and time.

As a point of reference, since 8am yesterday morning, I’ve published my review of Diablo 3, a news article about Day One of E3, a Roundup of the latest news about The Hobbit, and an article in adoring memory of Ray Bradbury. I’ve also started research for my news article about Day Two of E3, this week’s Geekly with a Twist, and started drafting my review ontwo different books I’ve finished recently.

So, what on earth am I doing over here? Well, one, I’m totally procrastinating. I don’t have the ability to watch stupid YouTube videos at work, so, you know, there’s got to be something to kill some time! Aside from that, it’s a perfect mental break. Being able to write what I want is the perfect relief from any stress built up by the rigors of specific formats and genre news writing. Again, don’t get me wrong, I love my “job” as a contributor for SciFi4Me, but every once in a while I need to talk about what’s on my mind as opposed to what’s in the current media. 

Thanks for listening. 🙂 You’ve earned a baby hippo!

Top Ten Tuesday 5 June 2012

Not to gank ideas, but I absolutely adore lists and the good people over at The Broke and the Bookish have a great thing going with this one. As such, I present, my first Top Ten Tuesday!

5 June 2012: Top Ten Tuesday Rewind (Pick any past topic you want!)

Top Ten Books Whose Titles Or Covers Made Me Buy It

Note: all covers are property of their respective publishers and authors…I make no claim to these pieces of art.

Honorable Mention: Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I haven’t bought or read it yet, but I fully intend to do both! The cover is striking and the story sounds super interesting.

10. Twilight. Okay, so I didn’t buy it, but it intrigued me enough to read it. I’ve given them all a chance (especially since my only other option was to reread two books I owned at the time for the 100th time…it would’ve been better) based solely on their covers.

9. Ella Enchanted. The name and the cover both got me here. I was about 10 years old when I noticed it on a list of Newberry Honors and I had to give it a try. I’m glad I did because it was probably my favorite book until I started reading the Harry Potter series in middle school.

8. Under the Black Flag… What more could a pirate history geek want? It’s got a simple Jolly Roger variation (my favorite one with the cutlasses!) and it’s nice and clean. The title is perfect for a history book and I definitely had to have it when I saw it at Barnes and Noble!

7. Bored of the Rings. Yeah, it’s a parody, but it’s a funny one. Besides…I collect anything related to LOTR (or at least I really did at the time), and, even though it’s a parody, it’s still LOTR.

6. Confessions of a Part Time Sorceress and the follow-up 5. Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons and Dragons.

Enough said, right?

No? Well, let’s face it, Wizards of the Coast did great.

4. Daughter of the Forest. I saw this book at my local library and grabbed it off the shelf quicker than I could even grasp the cover…which is beautiful. After reading, I realized just how perfect the cover actually was and it led me to seek out more by Juliet Marillier.

3. Memories of My Melancholy Whores. So I’ll be honest…the first thing that caught my eye was the little sticker proclaiming this to be Gabriel García Márquez’s first novel in 10 years. Then I read the title. Wow. Just, wow. It’s an awesome title (but, then again, the man has always done wonderfully with titles…even if they are originally in Spanish…they translate beautifully as does his writing) for an enrapturing book. (Enrapturing? I’m not 100% positive that’s a word, but it should be.)










2. The Postmortal. I pulled this one out of my editor’s stack o’ books in a heartbeat. The spine is beautiful by itself! As stated in my review of the book, (which you can check out here) “it wasn’t a ridiculously complex cover, it was as simple as the cover artist actually knowing 1) what they were doing and 2) how to do it.” This is probably my second favorite cover ever, only behind…

1. Halfway to the Grave. The book grabbed my attention one day at Wal-Mart and I fell in love. The cover is dark and gorgeous, just like the main character so perfectly pictured. I know it’s technically a romance, but this is one of the places where they get vampires right! I love Jeaniene Frost to this day, and this book is easily one of my favorites. Also…I totally want to go to THAT graveyard…it’s spooky and beautiful. Pretty please?


So, will Top Ten Tuesday be a consistent thing? Maybe. I certainly love books and, considering the severe lack of strict format over here, why not?

If nothing else, it’ll be something to do in the week before I have to get to work on The Geekly.

And the dice fall…fumble.

First and foremost: I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that’s been following me or otherwise interacting with this new blog. I totally appreciate the visitors and it makes me feel special as heck.

For that you get meerkats…because they’re freakin’ adorable.

So, last night I was craving prosciutto…today it’s D&D. Actually, this one’s been a long time coming, especially since our DM moved down to Warrensburg full-time. I haven’t been able to pick up my fighter since the boyfriend and I had a non-furry roommate. So, it’s been a while. Last night, the boyfriend and I got warning that our DM was going to be in town and wanted to hang out with us. Cue the happy dance!

Well, today, guess where I am? Yup. Sitting in my office writing to all of you. Not that you all aren’t super awesome, but you know…my dice are starting to get dusty. Just sayin’. They’re playing some modern age stuff that I’ve never quite understood. The point of gaming for me is to escape to a world entirely unlike our own. I realize the specific game they’re playing is set in a post-apocalyptic world, but isn’t that half of popular media these days? Zombies, for instance, have gotten to the point that they’re not even nerd or cult property anymore.

Okay, so I did the makeup on that one…but it still kinda exemplifies my point.

I dunno, I’m just for some old school-technology doesn’t exist-magic is integral-the only guns tend to blow up in your face-good times when I’m playing tabletop. Add in the fact that I really don’t know much about guns and, well, I guess my bias is based in something there.

Soooo…instead I killed some more Diablo III tonight. The game is still not growing on me, but I promised a friend I’d at least get through this one part of the game before entirely ripping it to shreds. I’ve been sworn to it gets better, damn I hope so!

And, of course, in other yummy food news…my dog ate the last of our raspberry cheesecake fudge. At least she didn’t eat the plastic it was in…still not looking forward to THOSE poops. I’m just glad there wasn’t any chocolate in it (whew!…I can’t do an emergency vet run right now!).

To everyone who’s been with me and has just joined me…thanks again. It’s time to take the dog out…and then crash.

OH! Also, if you haven’t checked out the blog I contribute for this week…hop to it! Don’t worry, I’ll still be here when you get back. 🙂 My Geekly is a fun one.

In addition, one of the bigwigs at Boom! Studios shared our comic book news show this month…check out the awesomeness!

Prosciutto Taste on a Bologna Budget

Tonight I’m craving prosciutto. Well, more specifically, prosciutto on a pizza from a certain place down in Oklahoma City. I blame my friends Dan and Dana (and one of the Damsels, Arianna) for this craving. The Wedge is a terrifically yummy pizza place that actually uses a wood-burning oven. The problem besides my distance from Oklahoma City? Tonight was a macaroni and cheese with hot dogs night. Yup. Ahhhh, the rich life of a blogger/banker/scifi reporter.

It’s a vicious circle, really. I want to eat healthy and tasty, but the budget (or lack thereof on my part) screams for less sushi more Chef Boyardee. It’s difficult to even eat veggies on a tight budget, even with the wonderful place called the City Market. Food prices are through the roof and preservatives are just something that kills your metabolism. If ONLY there was some sort of tax cut on healthy foods. I know there’s about a million other tax issues needing to be addressed, however, so I won’t harp on THAT idea.

Regardless, I’m going to have to make it back down to OKC whenever budget allows. Or attempt to make a version at home, but it’s not the same without Coop Ale Works DNR (after all, the beer always makes the meal).

Damn it. Now I’ve gotten myself craving beer, too. To the fridge!


I think my dog has an amazing plan right now, and boy does it sound nice. Ever have one of those days you just want to end by hiding in the closet? Maybe curled up under the clothes pretending like you’re 7 again in the middle of an epic round of hide and seek? There are days I just wish I could go back…forget about adulthood. I know a lot of how I am is just refusal to grow up, but damn, you’ve really gotta grow up sometime. For instance, I was paid yesterday and today my bank account sits at a whopping $1. I’m not exaggerating. I remember being 14 and the hardest part of my day was posting on my Xanga…back when bills and boys were both completely foreign to this nerd. I dunno, I just feel mentally checked out tonight and I know that’s not the greatest place to be, but most of me just wants to go back and curl up with my dog in the closet. Besides, she looks darn cute in there. I think there’s room…