I think my dog has an amazing plan right now, and boy does it sound nice. Ever have one of those days you just want to end by hiding in the closet? Maybe curled up under the clothes pretending like you’re 7 again in the middle of an epic round of hide and seek? There are days I just wish I could go back…forget about adulthood. I know a lot of how I am is just refusal to grow up, but damn, you’ve really gotta grow up sometime. For instance, I was paid yesterday and today my bank account sits at a whopping $1. I’m not exaggerating. I remember being 14 and the hardest part of my day was posting on my Xanga…back when bills and boys were both completely foreign to this nerd. I dunno, I just feel mentally checked out tonight and I know that’s not the greatest place to be, but most of me just wants to go back and curl up with my dog in the closet. Besides, she looks darn cute in there. I think there’s room…


About Annaleigh Josephs, CSS

Annaleigh Josephs, aka The Lush...Certified or AJ the Lush, is a writer from the suburbs of Kansas City. An equal opportunity lush, she loves wine, beer AND liquor...but currently only holds certifications for wine and liquor. She also is a Browncoat with a love for all things scifi and fantasy. She currently works a straight job in the financial industry (after a major career change), writes for SciFi4Me.com, spends her "spare time" with the Kansas City Independent Filmmaker's Coalition, and is working on several different personal projects (including two novels, a short story series, and a script).

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