In case you missed it (and the quite obvious title of this particular article), The Guild is preparing for a Season 6! This international hit of a web-series made its announcement out at San Diego Comic-Con (and again on star/writer/producer Felicia Day’s Vlog The Flog) and Season 6 episodes will be starting this fall.

Granted, the wonderful Miss Day still hasn’t written the script, but we here at SciFi4Me have faith in her (and she’s got at least a little less pressure than George R.R. Martin and his race to keep up with Game of Thrones on HBO). And! In a change-up from recent seasons, the newest line of episodes will be premiering on the Geek and Sundry YouTube Channel as opposed to first running on the Zune Marketplace through Microsoft before being placed for viewing on the web.

So! You must prepare yourself for the epic awesomeness to…

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About Annaleigh Josephs, CSS

Annaleigh Josephs, aka The Lush...Certified or AJ the Lush, is a writer from the suburbs of Kansas City. An equal opportunity lush, she loves wine, beer AND liquor...but currently only holds certifications for wine and liquor. She also is a Browncoat with a love for all things scifi and fantasy. She currently works a straight job in the financial industry (after a major career change), writes for, spends her "spare time" with the Kansas City Independent Filmmaker's Coalition, and is working on several different personal projects (including two novels, a short story series, and a script).

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