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Everyone’s heard the news. Even if I didn’t listen to sports radio in the morning, I would know about Manti Te’o’s embarrassing situation. “Manti Te’o,” “Manti Te’o hoax,” “Lennay Kekua,” and “Te’oing” are trending like crazy all across the web and even the girls that hate sports are talking about it at my work. And you know what? I fully sympathize with and understand him.

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2012: A Belated Reflection

First, I start off with an apology. I’m probably the worst person with consistency in anything, unless I have deadlines. This is a pure confession, but I can offer nothing more.

Now, I’ve been finding myself wanting to reflect about the past year over the past few weeks, but one of the things you shouldn’t do to yourself when you’re sick is make your brain work. While I’m not to 100% capacity, I can’t find myself stalling any longer.

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