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Recently, my editor decided to stop by my day job with a bit of a surprise: a review copy of a book that had not yet been published. That book is Richard A. Knaak’s Legends of the Dragonrealm: Shade and, at the time of my typing this, the novel is still yet to have been printed. While I don’t have the finished copy, let’s just say I’m ready to buy the finished one. This is my kind of book and, after doing my digging, I LOVE what the artist has done for its cover.

This novel makes Mr. Knaak’s 18th in the Dragonrealm series, featuring previous origins publications and PDF releases. It’s another jewel in the crown for a new king of fantasy, having authored a good number of books for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and Diablo worlds, three works in the Age of Conan series, the Dragonlance series…

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In case you missed it (and the quite obvious title of this particular article), The Guild is preparing for a Season 6! This international hit of a web-series made its announcement out at San Diego Comic-Con (and again on star/writer/producer Felicia Day’s Vlog The Flog) and Season 6 episodes will be starting this fall.

Granted, the wonderful Miss Day still hasn’t written the script, but we here at SciFi4Me have faith in her (and she’s got at least a little less pressure than George R.R. Martin and his race to keep up with Game of Thrones on HBO). And! In a change-up from recent seasons, the newest line of episodes will be premiering on the Geek and Sundry YouTube Channel as opposed to first running on the Zune Marketplace through Microsoft before being placed for viewing on the web.

So! You must prepare yourself for the epic awesomeness to…

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by Ramsey Campbell
Tor, August 2011

So, I’ve had a couple of books from my editor sitting on my desk for a while now. I keep getting super excited about some other new book I get to start reading, and just forget why I asked for specific books in the first place. Well, this one I didn’t forget. I knew it would be creepy and I was just waiting for that moment to feel the need to be creeped out. The Darkest Part of the Woods by Ramsey Campbell certainly didn’t disappoint.

First Impressions

Oh. My. Gosh. The cover on this one had me creeped to no end. The bugs, the face, the implications…just wooww. The artist managed to nail the cover (and it fit perfectly with the book itself, as I soon found out). Between the description of the book and the cover…

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Hey everyone! Today marks a HUGE milestone for me here on The Geeky and I’m super excited to announce July 8th marks my one year anniversary of this column and this very post marks my 100th post! So you know what I’m going to do? Celebrate of course! Stick around for the end of the post for some news on a giveaway but, until then, onward with the history!

July 6th, 1951: A man known to younger audiences as the villainous Captain Barbossa (and so much more for older audiences), Geoffrey Rush is born in Toowoomba, Queensland (Australia, in case you were thinking something else).

July 8th, 1978: Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, the beautiful Eve Myles is born in Ystradgynlais. (No, I don’t want to try pronounce it…it’s Welsh. The language is confusing.)

July 8th, 2011: The Space Shuttle Atlantis launches from the Kennedy Space Center on the final…

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I’ll preface this by saying this is the not my first trip to the Mazzanoble rodeo, so to speak…nor am I a novice at D&D (as a matter of fact, you could call me a Champion…okay, no more Weird Al references in this article, I promise). As a matter of fact, I’ve been playing since high school and I was definitely not oblivious about it when I picked up her first novel (Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress: A Girl’s Guide to the Dungeons and Dragons Game). Honestly, I picked up to play the same game I did with the first run of The Lord of the Rings for Dummies: what’s wrong with this book? Let me say this…when I realized she had a followup novel, I was rushing to go see my editor to pick it up. If you like D&D or gaming at all…you NEED this book. No. No…

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