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2012: A Belated Reflection

First, I start off with an apology. I’m probably the worst person with consistency in anything, unless I have deadlines. This is a pure confession, but I can offer nothing more.

Now, I’ve been finding myself wanting to reflect about the past year over the past few weeks, but one of the things you shouldn’t do to yourself when you’re sick is make your brain work. While I’m not to 100% capacity, I can’t find myself stalling any longer.

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Middle Names

So I didn’t get to choose my dog’s name. Amoretta fits her perfectly, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t choose it. I also didn’t choose her last name. The vet’s office puts her down as with my last name. So, guess what? I need to choose a middle name for her!

So I set myself some rules…

  • Don’t start or end it with an “A” or “A” sound
  • It shouldn’t be more than 2 syllables
  • It should be at least somewhat girly
  • It needs to have some reference or meaning

I racked my brain last night for some ideas and I’ve come up with a few…but I still need some ideas. I’ve not really crossed much into the comic book or video game train of thought yet, but I’ve had to rule out a LOT of good names (let’s face it, a lot of female names in SciFi and fantasy either start or end with an “A”).

  • Amoretta Jo (Eureka)
  • Amoretta River (Firefly)
  • Amoretta Dawn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Amoretta Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Amoretta Rose (Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings in a sense)
  • Amoretta Peach (Mario)

Any other suggestions? Opinions? Thoughts?


This past week has been crazy. Actually, no, that’s a lie, my whole life has been crazy…but especially the past week and a half or so.

ANYWAYS! Here’s some things that have made me happy over the last little bit (hopefully they make you happy as well)!

First off: AWESOMENESS! My latest article over at SciFi4Me focused on why being a geek is awesome. Read the rest of this entry


I can’t wait for Saturday. Or next week. Or the end of August. Or the entire month of October for that matter!

Anticipation is something amazing…the range of emotions you can experience from one simple descriptor is infinite and infinitely awesome (in the original sense of the word). It often strikes me how crazy it can be that the amount of anticipation can actually affect one’s reaction to the event.

Take for instance Dark Shadows. A lot of people were extremely worked up over the movie, expecting Barnabas Collins to be the next big Johnny Depp character. Our buddy, we’ll call him Turtle, went to go see the movie with such anticipation and had a negative reaction to the movie. He passed this reaction along to my boyfriend who then did not hold as much anticipation for the movie and was able to enjoy it when we watched it at the drive-in. It seems to happen all the time.

Of course, right now I’m looking at several awesome things (in the less original sense of the word) and I’m hoping to not lose the favor in my anticipation. Saturday, I should be getting some belated birthday/holiday presents from the boyfriend. I know he spent time on ThinkGeek for these, so I’m thrilled and I can’t wait. I’m pretty positive the time being so short will help so that I don’t get overinflated. Regardless, it’s ThinkGeek. It should be amazing.

Next week? Well, I went a little crazy. In spite of my lack of time to sleep, I’ve decided to apply for a part time “fun” job at a local wine boutique. My callback might come next week. Fingers crossed. I know if I don’t get the job, I won’t be looking for another one, but I still would love to have a little bit more to do back in the industry.

End of August? VACATION! The boyfriend and I are going to be spending a week in Moab, Utah with some friends. I’m so excited to see Barsoom (yup, they filmed much ofJohn Carterout there) and I can’t wait to go hiking. I just wish the weather around here would let up a bit so that I can get my body in a little bit of better shape. Maybe it’s a good thing we’re still 2 months out on that one….

October? Well, a lot of that’s up in the air. But we’re looking at moving, perhaps miss Molly and I will go to a concert, another friend is getting married, and another is having her baby shower (the same one that brought Amoretta into my life).

In anticipation of everything, I really do need to start getting prepared. I’m already trying to save up some money for either the vacation or moving (I’m hoping to win a contest at work for the vacation to free up that savings). I’m also supposed to have my bridesmaids dress already (shhhh…don’t tell). I’m holding up on that because I really want to be in better shape before the vacation (and, as such, the wedding) so I’m being such a slacker (as per usual). I also need to get some boots for both me and the boyfriend and find something that would be good for luggage for a 19 seater plane.

I know, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Inara was a Goddess!

I know that seems like a total Browncoat proclamation, but it’s true! It turns out that the name Inara not only roughly means “ray of light” or “heaven sent” in Arabic, it was the name of a Hittite goddess of the “wild animals of the steppe.” So the original Inara was not an ass-kicking companion travelling the ‘verse with a former rebel but a dragon-ass-kicking nature goddess. Regardless, it’s an amazing name, just sayin’. Oh, and yay for learning new things!

So, after a trek through the streets of the city this morning (no highways really sucks), I managed to get a lot done at work. Well, namely, I got started on The Geekly with a Twist and updated this blog all day. Nifty new look, though, huh? I’ve finally decided on a name, too! The Tiddly Tales of AJ the Lush has a certain ring, no? I’m still working on that tagline, but it’s a good summary. Most of this will be rants, ramblings, suggestions, awesome finds, and talk about my awesome dog. Do you want to know just how awesome? Well, let’s just say the butt wiggle-kiss combo would be responsible for the crumbling of empires (that is, if I wielded that sort of power).

This is the look of “seriously, put down the camera and just give me the treat.”

Other than Amoretta, this picked me up on my way home. Enjoy!

Dogs are Amazing

I swear, sometimes I realize just how much my dog makes me happy.

I know, this isn’t exactly a conventional first post for a blog, but it’s the biggest thing on my mind right now and it’s really got to be said.

Tonight is the best recent example of my amazing Australian Cattle Dog, Amoretta, being one of the best influences in my life. You know, in spite of things it was going pretty great. Yeah, the shoot for SciFi4Me‘s monthly, Comic Con Carne, was dropped on the production crew at last minute, but stuff like that happens. Yeah, it was a Monday at work after my four day weekend, but Mondays happen (once a week as a matter of fact). Yeah, I haven’t gotten my Diablo 3 review done (still, I blame the servers being down yesterday)…but in the scope of things it was a pretty easy day. And then tonight happened. I had to be late to the shoot because of working late (no big deal, I just missed set up). I had a bit of a cloud hanging around me, something just felt wrong. Maybe it was leaving my little Amoretta at home alone more than normal- I don’t know for sure. I just know that when I started hearing a funny noise coming from the back of my car after I had left Clint’s Comics that something was definitely not good.

I had no choice but to stop at an intersection in Midtown that’s not exactly savory. Let’s just say I was approximately 2 blocks from the two worst vagrant parks in town. Most of the business that goes down in that part of town (legally) happens during business hours only. I hop out quickly, hoping it’s just something stuck in my hubcap or maybe rolling heavily in my trunk…no such luck. My tire is flat…slashed by the looks of it. Wonderful. This will be tire #2 in less than 9 months. So I use my nearly dead phone to try to get a hold of my father in law or his wife to go straight to voicemail. There’s that battery life used up. I get a buddy on the line, thankfully, and he agrees to go pick up my boyfriend (who is phoneless himself, but that’s another pool-diving story) as I try to get roadside assistance on the line. Sidebar: whoever decided to bury “EMERGENCY roadside assistance” in automated menu hell deserves to burn in an eternity of automated message systems and telemarketing calls. I’m getting the jack under my car and someone stops to help. Let’s just say I wasn’t too big on this…someone walking downtown at nearly 10o’clock at night…I’m not one to judge, but it didn’t sit well. I stayed on the line with roadside as we got the thing fixed up and I’m finally back on the road when it hits me…my boyfriend’s birthday is in less than two weeks and now I’ve got to replace a tire. There goes that present. Oh? And the icing on the cake of the whole ordeal? I’m wearing a damn dress today. Go figure.

Anyways! To finally get to my point…dogs are amazing. The second I walked inside, my little beauty was sitting there just wagging away with her little stump. It’s like she read my mind (I’m positive she read my mood) because she spent the next ten minutes tossing her tennis ball as if to amuse Mommy alone. She’s really a little ball of wonder with the cutest expressions. I realize I’m highly biased, but damn I’ve got an awesome dog. Dogs are seriously amazing, just saying. I’m not sure what I’d do without her.