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Prosciutto Taste on a Bologna Budget

Tonight I’m craving prosciutto. Well, more specifically, prosciutto on a pizza from a certain place down in Oklahoma City. I blame my friends Dan and Dana (and one of the Damsels, Arianna) for this craving. The Wedge is a terrifically yummy pizza place that actually uses a wood-burning oven. The problem besides my distance from Oklahoma City? Tonight was a macaroni and cheese with hot dogs night. Yup. Ahhhh, the rich life of a blogger/banker/scifi reporter.

It’s a vicious circle, really. I want to eat healthy and tasty, but the budget (or lack thereof on my part) screams for less sushi more Chef Boyardee. It’s difficult to even eat veggies on a tight budget, even with the wonderful place called the City Market. Food prices are through the roof and preservatives are just something that kills your metabolism. If ONLY there was some sort of tax cut on healthy foods. I know there’s about a million other tax issues needing to be addressed, however, so I won’t harp on THAT idea.

Regardless, I’m going to have to make it back down to OKC whenever budget allows. Or attempt to make a version at home, but it’s not the same without Coop Ale Works DNR (after all, the beer always makes the meal).

Damn it. Now I’ve gotten myself craving beer, too. To the fridge!