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Live on Camera!

For those of you who don’t follow SciFi4Me, first off, shame on you!, secondly, this week was our very first Echo Chamber! Woo!

My notes to myself: Don’t fidget so much.

I used to be pretty good at this stuff, if I really think about it. I was on my school’s news every single morning with the weather report and I was used to doing on-camera interviews. This time it was a pretty relaxed format, so it was not nearly as spastic as my first on-camera interview…

Well, my first on-camera interview in 8 years. It’s almost scary to think about! I know a lot of my confidence has been sapped because I’m nowhere near as skinny as I was in middle school and high school. It happens, and it’s not that I’m not trying to do something about it, it’s just that I’m not where I would like to be with my body. (I realize this sounds really bad, but a lot of it is less body image and more my view on my overall health. Body image is a slight byproduct of that, it’s more like that it’s the reminder that I’m not as healthy as I need to be…thus why it gets to me.)

Regardless, I’m having a LOT of fun with my involvement with SciFi4Me. I’m getting to do things I never imagined I would be doing at this point in my life. I never really considered journalism to be a viable path for myself and so these on-camera interviews are thrusting me back into a world that thrills me. I’m so excited to be a part of this and I look forward to relearning the skills I need to continue to be more fluid. To the mirror!